What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (07/24/2016)

Written by Jon on 25th July 2016

Create an abandon cart workflow (Mailchimp)

When customers leave items in their shopping cart, you may want to encourage them to complete their purchase with a custom email that includes product links or special offers. After you set up an Abandoned Cart workflow, active subscribers and transactional recipients who leave items in their shopping cart will automatically receive a follow-up email.

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Social Sharing – Best Practices

Using the data from over 200 million shares that happened via their Share App, the team at Sumo Me took a look at how we’re actually sharing content and what that means for your social strategy.

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The Future of e-Commerce: What if Users Could Skip Your Site?

Have you taken a look at Google Shopping recently? Okay, so it isn’t quite the ecommerce monster that Amazon or eBay are, and yes, it’s only filled with sponsored posts. Playing around with it, however, proves that it provides a decent experience.

And that experience got Tim Allen thinking. What if, instead of being sponsored ads, Google Shopping completely replaced organic search results for transactional queries?

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Re-inventing SEO

If you are new to SEO it is hard to appreciate how easy SEO was say 6 to 8 years ago.  Almost everything worked quickly, cheaply, and predictably.

Go back a few years earlier and you could rank a site without even looking at it. 😀

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Google Page Quality Guidelines – what you need to know

It’s the war and peace of the SEO world – the Google Page quality guidelines

Since it’s official release from Google back in November 2015, there has been a lot of discussion and analysis where the key points of this document lay and what we should focus our highly evolved SEO minds on.

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Facebook Drones – made in Britain

In a warehouse in Somerset, the latest phase in Facebook’s bid for world domination has been taking shape.

Or, to put it less dramatically, the social network’s plan to connect millions in developing countries is proceeding.

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Verizon Announces $4.8 Billion Deal for Yahoo’s Internet Business

Verizon, seeking to build an array of digital businesses that can compete for users and advertising with Google and Facebook,announced on Monday that it was buying Yahoo’s core internet business for $4.83 billion in cash.

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