What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (07/17/2016)

Written by neatly.io on 19th July 2016

Psst… it’s still okay to share your Netflix password

After a federal ruling in the US basically made password sharing a federal crime, the internet went into panic mode. With so many of us sharing our Netflix password with friends and family, surely we’d finding ourselves facing a jail sentence?

Luckily, Netflix has come and reassured us all that were safe from prosecution, at least from Netflix anyway.

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Twitter Disbands Commerce Team, Ceases Product Development On “Buy” Button

A bit of an oldie, but one worth being aware of for you ecommerce-ers out there. Back in February we discussed the merits of Twitter as a social commerce platform, in particular – the Buy Button.

However, since Jack Dorsey returned to the helm in October, Twitter is shifting their focus on commerce and has dispersed the commerce team into other areas of the business.

The Buy Now card still exists, so you can still use it, however there’s no more product development planned for it. Instead, any mention of commerce at Twitter is focused on it’s Dynamic Product Ads.

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10 Must-Read Books That Will Make You Ridiculously Productive

If you’re forever spending your time procrastinating, this list is for you. Or if you are getting stuff done, but it’s just taking you all day, this list is for you.

The team at Product Hunt have compiled a list of essential books to read if you’re struggling to just get stuff done.

Find some time, pick a book, read it and then get to work….

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Why Response Rate Is The New Click-Through Rate

Click Through Rate is a great metric to tell you how engaging your email marketing can be, but it’s not the be all and end all of email marketing metrics.

One metric that Aaron Orendorff recommends using is response rate. This involves tracking how many people actually responded to your email.

Often one of the best ways of converting and keeping customers is by actually having a two-way conversation with them instead of just bombarding them with content.

Aaron’s spoke with 3 gurus to find out how to get those responses and what makes them so important.

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Five reasons your CRM isnt actually increasing sales

A B2B technology report from Informatica revealed that 25% of marketers don’t know their lead conversion rates, largely because they don’t have the right CRM strategy, which limits sales growth and work efficiency.

If a CRM does not provide immediate value and is overly complex to implement and maintain, it will fail to do what it was designed to do: increase sales.

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Google rolling out price extensions for mobile text ads

Google is rolling out a whole new way for advertisers to showcase their services, products and prices, with a new extension for AdWords text ads.

Price extensions show as a list below the main ad copy on mobile. In the example from Google below, you’ll quickly notice how much real estate price extensions take up on mobile. The new extension offers many advertisers the first opportunity to show pricing information for multiple products and services in their ads. It’s also the first extension that is likely to stir tough competition that will potentially drive up mobile CPCs in a meaningful way.

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