What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (07/10/2016)

Written by neatly.io on 11th July 2016

Introducing Memories

One of the key parts of Snapchat’s appeal was the temporary nature of your snaps, being able to send messages to your friends knowing they wouldn’t last forever (unless they managed to screenshot it!).

However Snapchat recently announced a huge change coming to their app – Memories. Now any snaps that you took in the past are available to view in the Memories section, ready for you to access at any time and send to your friends once more. It’s a move that could see Snapchat being used as your Camera Roll, more than your actual Camera Roll.

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Is Your Business Ready For What’s Coming?

Marketing is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, tactics that worked 6 months ago are likely out of date by now. That’s why it’s hugely important to consider some of the changes that are coming in the future. If you don’t have the time to hunt out some of the trends to focus on though, check out this post by Ryan Stewart.

Ryan’s listed 7 of the user trends that he thinks will shape the future of marketing and how you can use them in your own business.

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Every resource we use when planning, building, and launching a side project at Crew

Setting up side projects is becoming a bit of a trend in itself these days and is how many of the top flight businesses of today started out.  The team at Crew have even been using side projects to help grow Crew itself.

Naturally they thought they’d share some of the resources they use to help their side projects succeed – check them out!

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New ways to shop with Pinterest

We discussed the opportunities Pinterest has for ecommerce, a few times on this blog, so here’s the latest update.

Users can now add buyable pins to a Shopping Bag, that they can then access at any time to purchase, then can then also check out via Pinterest. Users will be able to save their check out info on their profile, so that purchasing is as simple as two clicks.

The way users search will also be seeing some improvements, including filtering a brand’s pins to view only those that are shoppable. Pinterest is also adding a more visual search functionality to it pins.

By clicking the visual search icon above a pin, you can click the dots that appear within it to search for particular items. So if you spot a pin of a living room that you’d love to recreate, you can search for similar pins for the furniture within that image.

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From Pokéstops to Pikachu: everything you need to know about Pokémon GO

If you haven’t heard about the release of Pokemon Go, one, where have you been hiding and two, you need to read this article.

It’s the augmented reality game that some are touting as a game-changer and is the reason why you’ll have seen groups of kids and adults alike wandering the streets at strange hours of the day staring at the phone.

The aim is simple, catch them all and be the very best. Though it’s only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand it seems like the world has gone crazy for it.

It may only have been live for 3 days but already we’ve seen praise from those suffering from mental health issues, robberies and dead bodies discovered. And it doesn’t look like the craziness is about to slow down any time soon.

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