What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (06/19/16)

Written by neatly.io on 20th June 2016

Who inspired the characters from the popular HBO comedy, Silicon Valley to Microsoft buying LinkedIn

Uncanny Silicon Valley

So we are all big fans of Silicon Valley in the office, but do you know who the characters are (loosely) based on?

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Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2B in cash, makes big move into enterprise social media

Probably the biggest story of the week and one that everyone is talking about, will this start a roll of aquistions?

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Facebook is putting maps in ads and will measure store visits

Facebook is adding maps to its location-based local awareness ads to give brands a better chance you’ll visit their locations. And if you do, Facebook will now start telling brands how many people it thinks actually visited their locations based on these ads.

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9 Tools & Resources That Will Turn You Into a Snapchat Pro

Snapchat isn’t the most welcoming of platforms for new users. At first glance, the app is not entirely intuitive; but after you play with it a little bit, you start to quickly see why so many people swear by this social platform. It allows you to communicate with followers in a completely different way than you would on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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One does not simply learn to code

One does not simply learn to code. Because coding isn’t easy. Coding is hard. Everyone knows that. Anyone who’s scoured a stack trace — or git detached their head — can tell you that.

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Why We Only Accept 1 Out of Every 10 Guest Blog Pitches

We’ve been pitched a blog post about hoverboards.  While hoverboards are pretty cool and I’d like to own one, our business and our blog have absolutely nothing to do with hoverboards.

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IBM’s Watson now powers Lucy, a cognitive computing system built specifically for marketers

Lucy combines 10 computing services from Watson, including Retrieve and Rank, Natural Language Classifier, Personality Insights, a news aggregation service and Tradeoff Analytics. Litman said that these services have not previously worked together as they do in Lucy, plus Equals 3 created its own interface and layered on other unspecified custom software to focus on marketing.

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What have you reading this week? We love getting recommendations of new blogs and articles to read so share them below!