What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (07/03/2016)

Written by neatly.io on 4th July 2016

It is the end of the beginning for digital. But is it the beginning of the end?

If you believe everything you read on the internet is dead, from email marketing to SEO and now digital. However, Ashley Friedlein, founder of Econsultancy, talks us through the need to rethink our views of digital.

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Good Outreach vs. Bad Outreach – From A Blogger’s Point of View

Influencer Outreach can be a really effective tool for any ecommerce store, putting your products in front of an existing audience can really help you grow your business.

Key to any influencer campaign is that initial pitch email, get this wrong and you’ve likely spoiled your chances of working with that blogger.  So how better to learn what makes a good email than a blogger that is on the receiving end of many of those emails?

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On Page SEO in 2016: A (2M Keyword) Data Driven Analysis

The team behind the Ahrefs blog have been killing it with some of their blog content lately, and their most recent offering is this 2 million keyword backed analysis of how effective On Page SEO is in 2016.  Their data revealed some interesting insights (though their initial writing of the post caused some controversy) that are definitely worth checking out if you’re revisiting your SEO strategy.

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SEO Tips: The Complete List (201 Actionable Techniques)

Staying on the SEO track, Brian Dean posted this huge list of SEO tips. This post is definitely one to bookmark so that you can filter through the tips as and when you’ve got time or are working on your SEO strategy.

For those of you who prefer your tutorials in a more visual format – Brian has also included some great videos in there to show you exactly what you need to do.

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5 Things SEOs Can Do To Make Developers’ Lives Easier

One last SEO-related article in today’s post – while marketing can be an inherently creative process, there are many tasks that involve more technical skills, particularly when it comes to SEO. While many SEOs are able to do some of that technical work themselves, you will at some point need to work with a developer.

Ollie Blackmore takes us through what you can do to make the collaboration process with your developer run smoothly.

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The Chatbots are coming. We’ve seen chatbots in the past (remember SmarterChild?), but with Facebook recently announcing greater support for these little bots, we’re seeing more and moe brands create their own.

The team over at twentysix show us how to use motion.ai to build your very own chatbot to take on the job of website assistant.

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