What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (09/04/2016)

Written by neatly.io on 5th September 2016

Snapchat unpublished its Facebook Page

With no official comment, Snapchat has decided to close down its Facebook page; as rivalry continues to grow between the two social giants, the public is left to make assumptions, but Emil Protalinski at VentureBeat has a contact close to the company claiming the reason for Snapchat unpublishing their Facebook page was because of lack of use.

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Google debuts a brand-new look for Merchant Center

Google has finally come through with a much needed and surprising update to the Merchant Center UI. As we know, Google is focusing on making material design the focus for its consumer products and are testing a new and overdue Adwords UI.

The new update comes with new features like close to real time diagnostics, the ability to make changes to feeds without editing them directly and the option to update, create and combine values which can be used to pull data from products and assign them to other products.

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Why you need to give LinkedIn a second look

A few months ago Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion which increased their growth, potentially rivaling social giants such as Facebook.

Previously, LinkedIn users were limited to sharing videos through external sources like YouTube, but have announced a new native video feature, and with the amount of success native videos have seen on Facebook this could be a game changer adding more interactivity between influencers or celebrities and followers.

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Facebook’s editorial purge has completely backfired

From touching videos of dogs reuniting with owners, to false and damaging information regarding public figures, Facebook’s attempt at making articles more relevant has backfired in more ways than one.

By removing article descriptions, Facebook implemented an automatic algorithm for trending topics which lead to a huge stumble for the social giant. While some of these mix ups were funny, some were more serious, and potentially harmful.

With almost half of the adult population using Facebook for their daily news, this goes beyond a small mistake.

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Google shopping feed optimisation

Google shopping campaigns have a number of different values and attributes, all the information you’re made to deal with can be a lot to take in. Well Google themselves have released a video explaining how you should optimise your product feed.

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Amazon is cracking down on counterfeit goods

With 90% of online retailers losing 10% revenue because of counterfeit products, Amazon decides to put its foot down. Retailers like Amazon and Ebay are more likely to come across fake goods because of the large number of number of third party retailers, anyone can potentially sell anything.

Amazon has asked third party retailers who sell large brand name products like Samsung and Nike to pay a one time fee of up to $1,500 and an invoice from the manufacturers to prove authenticity.

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Stay up to date with thought leaders

We found a great resource for staying on top of the latest posts from industry innovators.

Crew.co not only allows you to stay on top of the latest news and posts from industry influencers, but also allows you to submit projects and ideas. You can then search for freelance professionals who specialise in different roles such as web design and web development.

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