What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (08/28/2016)

Written by neatly.io on 31st August 2016

A little late with this week’s roundup thanks to a bank holiday here in the UK but without further ado….

Overcoming email marketing automation challenges

Email automation is a growing space, but there are still marketers out there who haven’t embraced it yet (58% according to Ascend2!), despite the fact it could save you up to 20% of your time

If your team are one of those 58% who have yet to embrace it, Ross Barnard explains why you need it and how to get started. Believe it or not, it’s actually super simple!

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The Beginner’s Guide To SEO

SEO is an industry that is ever changing. With SEO constantly merging with other disciplines such as PR, and content it can be difficult for those new to the marketing scene to know where to start.

But Rand Fishkin and the Moz team have come to the rescue, with a Beginner’s guide to SEO that consists of 10 chapters that make learning all aspects of SEO basics, from how search engines work to measuring and tracking success, simple!

A must-read for any newbie SEO, it’s also recommended for anyone just wanted a refresher on the subject.

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Google now requires more reviews for Seller Ratings to show in ads

We know how essential customer reviews are to getting those all important sales (if you don’t go read this now!) but now Google has just confirmed that a little more for us. Google hasn’t officially announced the change in seller rating extensions requirements, but many customers have been informed that they now require 150 reviews in the past 12 months instead of 30.

That’s a big difference, and one that will make it even more difficult for smaller business to get that seller ratings extension on Adwords.

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3 things every PPC beginner needs to try

PPC can be a great way of driving traffic to your website, new or old. But it can also become super expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Particularly if you’re new, PPC can be intimidating and that’s why Brett Middleton has put together a step by step list of 3 things every PPC beginner needs to try. Learn how to reduce costs and increase ROI in his latest post.

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28 Tools to Help You Launch Your Startup

Are you thinking about launching your startup but need some useful tools to help you along the way? Well if so then Product Hunt’s 28 useful tools for launching a startup is a good place to start.

The list consists of tools that can help you gain publicity to tools that offer you free resources. Check it out!

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10 Must Have Back to School Apps

September is approaching and that means the school year is starting soon. If you’re looking for some apps to help you get back in the right mindset then Product Hunt has a list of 10 back to school apps.

The apps on the list range from task management to helping you gain experience in a chosen career field to help you prepare for life after school.

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How To Survive A Content Marketing Nightmare

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of SEO and can ultimately affect where you rank on a search engine.

Gaetano from Pipedrive posted an audit on inbound.org that perfectly explains how not utilising content marketing can have a huge impact on you rankings. While his suggestions focus on the site AdRev –  this serves as a great guide for identifying issues when developing your own content strategy.

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I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

For years we’ve heard how great it is to work in Silicon Valley and that it’s THE place for startups. But more and more recently we’re starting to hear about the dark side of the valley and this story is likely one of the worst we’ve read.

Penny Kim writes about her (short) time as Marketing Director of a startup and how she got screwed over with her pay. Though the story kept the identity of the startup anonymous, they were quickly outed by others and caused an internet storm!

A must-read!

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