What We’ve Been Reading: Weekly Roundup (07/31/2016)

Written by neatly.io on 1st August 2016

Experts on How the Loss of Converted Clicks on AdWords Will Affect Retailers

Google has been making a number of changes to Adwords so far this year and last week they announced that in September they’ll be removing Converted Clicks as a metric.

As a metric that many businesses may use, is it such a big deal that Google is removing it? Or will lead to simpler reporting? Leanna Kelly from CPC Strategy spoke to several experts in the field to find out how these changes will affect us.
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Dollar Shave Club: How Michael Dubin Created A Massively Successful Company and Re-Defined CPG

Dollar Shave Club, a startup that began selling monthly subscriptions for men’s razors and expanded to men’s personal products has been acquired by global consumer goods company Unilever for $1 billion (cue Dr Evil meme…).

After the announcement of the news, David Pakman, who invested in DSC quite early on, discussed what made the company work and how CEO Michael Dubin built a company worth $1 billion.

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The use of illustration in your brand

Anthony Dry of Mando, discusses why you should consider using illustrations in your marketing or branding. From Google Doodles, to the Metro’s illustrated front covers.

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Available today: three ad innovations for a mobile-first world

Alongside those announcements about the metrics within Adwords, perhaps the more pertinent announcements were those around the release of expanded text ads, responsive display ads and new device bid adjustments.

Now text ads have 2 headlines, display ads can switch between native and text and you can set your bid adjustments for Tablet and Computers not just mobile.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Lead to Significant Gene Discovery

People these days are almost a little cynical about donating money to charity, believing that it’ll only go back into advertising the cause rather than making actual change. In 2014, the world went crazy over the Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS Association and while it was praised for the level of awareness it raised, no one really expected much else to come from it.

Fast forward two years however, and thanks to the huge funds raised by the challenge, scientists have uncovered a new gene linked with ALS. It’s the kind of news that gives you a little more faith in the fundraising circuit…

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Birkenstock quits Amazon in US after counterfeit surge

Amazon is now considered by many as a must-have channel when it comes to selling online. However, for many big brands it brings with it a huge issue – counterfeit.

After attempting to battle the surge in counterfeits of their designers shoes over the last few years, the brand has instead deciding to withdraw all of their products from the site come Jan 2017. Even third party sellers will be unable to sell the product on Amazon.

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Rise & Mostly Fall of Yahoo

After it was announced that Yahoo was bought by Verizon for a mere $4.8 billion, it left many of us wondering just where it went wrong for a previously huge company.

Thing is, it wasn’t just one step where it went wrong and in this post, Quincy Larson takes a look at the numerous mistakes the company made, all in a quick 5 minutes.

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Mental Health in Startups

So often we hear about how many startups are succeeding and how in order to do so you need to hustle and work constantly. What we don’t often hear about is the effect that can have on your mental health. James from Sanctus discusses the impact it had on him and opened the door for more discussion on the subject.

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5 Entrepreneurial Myths Debunked

In line with the previous story, being an entrepreneur is often imagined as an ideal job role, one to be envied and that everyone should seek to become. Larry Kim sets out in this post to debunk some of those myths based on his experiences as an entrepreneur.

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