Segmenting your Magento Customers with

Written by Jon on 7th August 2015

If we use the 80/20 rule, then 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customer base; but does your marketing take this into account? Are you personalising your offers based on order history and importance to your business?

Segmenting your customers in Magento CE can be done easily using customer groups, this is core functionality within Magento – No extension needed! 🙂

You could segment your customers in a number of ways. To get started and to keep it simple, why not start with:

Retail – default

Trade – default

Regular Customers

High Value Customers

VIP Club

If you run competitions, you could initially consider placing them into a specific group i.e. NME Magazine; this would allow you to offer similar offers to the original offer that attracted them while attempting to increase their order value.

You could also use locality and offer location specific customer groups. Once your dashboards are set up, neatly will show split sales by customer group so you can measure your marketing efforts.

How to use neatly

(Sorry, you will need a small extension here)

So if we are looking at customers with a high spend, perhaps over £100 and more than 3 orders:

Go to Actions > Customer Search > Add filters above and choose your preferred date range.

Fill in the specific segments you’re looking for. This will then export customers who have spent more than £100 per order for 3 orders.

You can then export this report directly into Mailchimp or as a CSV.

Looking to send an offer to your regular customers?

Determine your benchmark for a regular customer, this will vary depending on your industry, let’s say 1 order per week.

If we are looking at a period of 6 weeks, then you would enter greater than 6 orders; this would then export customers based on those variables.

You can also filter on location and product SKU for truly personalised offers.

There are plenty of options to play around with, let us know how you get on. Send us a tweet, or drop us an email!