Product Update: Full Screen Mode, New Dashboards & more

Written by on 1st August 2017

As well as product updates via email, we’ve decided to now keep a record of our latest updates here on the blog. You’ll be able to see all future updates here

We’ve got a bumper update on neatly today, so let’s dive in!

Full Screen Mode

This has been a common request so we’re pleased to get this one live! Head to your custom dashboards and you’ll now be able to set a full screen mode so you can show your neatly dashboard on a TV or large monitor.

If you have multiple custom dashboards, it’ll automatically cycle through them all, or you can choose to turn it off using the transparent controls at the bottom.

Simply select your date range whilst on the custom dashboard and then hit that Full Screen button.

Search Console Update

We’re really focusing on improving the existing integrations on neatly, and this time it’s Search Console’s turn.

First things first, you can now connect multiple sites to your Search Console dashboard, so any site that you have access to can now be connected.

We’ve also added a little more detail to the Error Table for your Sitemaps, letting you filter between device, and permissions.

Finally, the biggest change is a shiny new tab for Search Analytics. On that tab you’ll be able to see your sites’ Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Click Through Rate, and your Average Position.

You’ll also see a table below which will allow you to view all of this data by query, location, device and page.

Brand New Dashboard – Website Statistics

We’re really excited to see what you all think of this dashboard. Moz and Alexa are great tools, but I think you’d agree that their respective pre-built dashboards were looking a little empty! That’s why we’ve built the Website Statistics dashboard.

You can track up to 6 urls and get data points from Moz and Alexa for each of those. We’ve also added in data from Google’s Pagespeed Insights API and Mobile Friendliness Test API.

What this leaves you with is a dashboard that keeps you up to date with how those URLs are performing both from an SEO and a UX standpoint.

Scheduled Report Update

Scheduled reports is becoming one of our most popular features, so we’ve listened to your feedback and made two major improvements.

First, you can now add custom dashboards to your reports. Select one or all when setting up your schedule, and they’ll be included in the next report.

Secondly, reports are now sent in a single PDF file, instead of a zip file with a PDF for each integration. This makes for a much neater file that you can send straight on to colleagues or clients. (If they’re not already invited to your company, what are you waiting for?) These PDFs will also have better naming principles, including the company name, date and type of report.

Some of you may already have seen this in your latest reports.

We’ve also made some backend improvements to the reports so that when an integration fails or is removed, it doesn’t stop your report from being sent.

High Contrast Mode

Yellow has always been the neatly colour but we appreciate that while we love it, it doesn’t work for everyone! With that in mind, we’ve added a new option in your company settings to switch to a high contrast mode.

This will change your metrics from yellow to dark blue, making it easier to see your data.

More Custom Tiles

We’ve made custom tiles for Pipedrive available, and added new ones for Slack and Active Campaign. Let us know which other integrations you’d like to see more custom tiles for.

We’ve also made some general improvements to the backend of the dashboard, to keep neatly ticking over nicely.

White Label

We’ve had users in the past who have asked us for an option to white label neatly. If you’re still interested, get in touch, we want to speak to you!

Let us know what you think of the new features in the comments below and if there’s anything you’d like to see next.