Meet Mrs Neatly

Written by Sarah on 5th June 2015

I love Product Hunt. While I can’t contribute, just yet anyway, I love staying up to date with the latest and coolest stuff out there, from extensions that change Game of Thrones spoilers into Friends scenes to useful things such as the Startup Stash.

Whilst browsing the wonderful world of products, one day, I came across StartupCVs. Whilst checking out their website, I couldn’t see a page for Startups to advertise themselves to prospective employees, which got me thinking further, what if Neatly actually started applying for jobs?

Enter Mrs Neatly. Mrs Neatly has been a part of Neatly since we started, the name used for a general/test account that we created to try out the newly finished features. She was a bit of an inside joke, for when we didn’t want to attach a real name to a profile that would be used for checking out problems etc.

Obviously, Neatly’s just a product, and it wouldn’t seem real if a product starting applying for jobs; we needed a persona to fit it too. Mrs Neatly seemed like a great fit.

I created a CV and cover letter, based on several job descriptions I found that seemed relevant, and settled on the name Ann. With a CV ready to go, we also decided that it could be worth giving Ann her own Linkedin profile.

Mrs Neatly was ready to take on the world (or at least make a few friends.)

Ann applied for a few jobs on Linkedin, and she’s currently anxiously waiting for a reply!

Also using a growth hack gifted to us by our friends at Fit Gurus (thanks guys 😉 ), Ann soon had over 300 connections in just one week. While most guessed the game, we still received a fair few messages asking if ‘Ann’ could meet to discuss data analysis. We didn’t like to keep the catfish game going too long, so we try to make plenty of hints in our replies.

It’s still an experiment in progress, and only having been live for a week, we can’t really pinpoint any results just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you’d like to make friends with Ann, (she’s always happy for a chat!), you can connect with her here.