Introduction to Facebook Live Videos

Written by Sarah on 20th April 2016

If you weren’t already aware, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the release of Facebook Live Videos to the general public, so that anyone can live stream whatever they’re doing, to anyone in the world.

Live Videos is Facebook’s answer to Periscope, Twitch and Youtube. As Ashley from Gizmodo puts it “Facebook is a little late to the party, but nothing has the masses on lock like Facebook”, so it’s no surprise that Live Videos have already had some successes (in fact the most watched video on Facebook right now is a live stream of a watermelon being popped by rubber bands…)

It’s a pretty simple concept, you hit ‘Go Live’ and start streaming whatever you want to whoever’s watching, whether they’re following you and your page or not.

With Zuckerberg recently claiming at Facebook’s F8 developer conference that “We are at the beginning of a golden age of Live video”, you might want to start planning how you’re gonna get involved.

How to get involved

Plan Your Live Video

Believe me, I know that sometimes, it’s the random memes that suddenly take off on the internet. But unless you have some kind of crystal ball, you can’t guarantee that it will. What’s more, if you’re not one for doing random things, then a video of two staff members putting rubber bands on a watermelon to see how long it takes to explode might not work as well for you as it does for Buzzfeed.

So seeing as you’re not Buzzfeed, (though if you are, hi!), you should take some time to plan your live video. What is it going to be about, what are you going to talk about, how will you film it, how long will it last? These are all questions you need to consider.

If you’re struggling for some ideas on content, here’s a few you might use:

Behind the Scenes

Take users behind the scenes of everyday life at your company, whether it’s showing them how their products are made, or the team that’s working on them.

Interviews / Q & A

Whether this is interviewing members of the team, local celebrities, anyone of interest to your audience, these types of videos can be some of the most engaging. Especially with live stream videos, you can throw the questions to the audience and use the commenting feature to get them really involved.

How To

We’ve already seen Pinterest introduce new How-To pins, so why not expand on that pin by doing a live run through? Users can then see exactly how it’s done, and maybe even follow along!


It is what it says it is, so whether it’s a bog standard run through of how your product works, an unboxing video, or maybe even a catwalk for those clothing retailers out there, Facebook Live Videos are a good opportunity to show off your products.

Have a good signal

It’s part of planning your live video but it’s so important I’ve put it separate. Make sure you have a good strength Wi-Fi signal, no one is going to stick around for a live stream that keeps dropping out or pixelating.

I also wouldn’t worry too much about your equipment, most smartphones these days are good enough to record a basic video. We recently got some good advice from a friend of ours – let me share it with you:

  • A non-professional, filming on a non-professional piece of equipment is perfectly fine
  • Things start to look ugly when you try and film with professional equipment when you know nothing about professional filming.

Give it an enticing description and title

With a variety of different ways for people to discover your live video (including a world map of all the current live videos), you should make sure that the title and description of your stream is relevant, clear and enticing.

Engage with Your Audience

Once you’re up and running and you’ve (hopefully) got people watching, make sure to connect with them. Throughout the video users can comment, like and react to what’s happening. Make sure you respond to those comments, especially if people are asking questions. Of course, the more engaging your video is, the more likely people will return for the next one and remember your brand.

Make sure you also use a call to action at the end of your videos too, whether it’s ‘follow us to stay updated on the latest videos’ or to go visit your website.