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Unleashed Dashboard Integration

Are you using Unleashed Software for your inventory management? Connect your Unleashed account to your neatly.io account to view your Unleashed dashboard. 
Choose from our pre-built Unleashed dashboard, create your own, or do both! Once you have created your Unleashed dashboard, you can schedule weekly or monthly sales reports be sent straight to your inbox. 
Do you need to share access with your colleagues? You can invite as many users as you need to your neatly.io account. Stop sharing passwords and share your dashboards securely. 
Unleashed is a powerful, integrated platform that allows businesses real-time visibility of accurate inventory information. Providing precise tracking data on each and every item of stock helps businesses of all sizes reduce their costs and increase profits. Unleashed partners with a range of eCommerce, point of sales and accounting software to provide an end-to-end business management solution.
Need help? Find out more about Unleashed dashboards on our support base

What Metrics?


  • Sales Value
  • Total Stock on Hand Value
  • Sales Invoice Value
  • Expired Purchases
  • Open Purchases
  • Complete Purchases
  • Total Purchases