Influencer Marketing – Part of your SEO campaign

Written by on 15th August 2019

Who is an Influencer?

To begin with, let’s first tell you the basic definition of an influencer – Influencers are basically people who have a large fan following, contributes to leadership and the exclusive lot whose opinions MATTER, I mean, really matter. Prolific bloggers, media personalities, well-known speakers, etc. are referred to as influencers, because they boast colossal trust of a considerable large audience over various platforms.

What is an Influencer Marketing?

Well, simply put, influencer marketing is promoting the campaigns and products through the influencer endorsement. Influencer marketing has become an irreplaceable part of any and everyone’s SEO strategy, because of its unbound results and mind-blowing facts. The influencer literally carries your product to a huge number of audiences all at once, with a positive message.

As per a recent research, it was found that 92% of the consumers trust recommendations made by these influencers on social media, blogs, and videos, rather than a word of mouth.

Take a glimpse of Influencer Marketing

When Microsoft teamed up with National Geographic to take pictures of female public figures working in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), its pictures were liked at least 3.5 million times more on Instagram, while promoting Microsoft, making it a perfect example of influencer marketing.

Why is Influencer Marketing required?

Here is a set of reasons that will show why influencer marketing is a powerful tactic for increasing consumers as a part of your SEO service

  1.     Building inbound links

Initially, to earn inbound links, the business must start with micro-influencers, who generally have small but engaged audiences. The brand owner must always ask the influencers to create videos and craft text content of their thoughts on a specific topic relating to the site which will bypass the need for disclosure of the link.


  1.     Boosting brand visibility and engagement

Every website, either yours or mine reaches out influencer for their wide reach so that we can leverage from their community and drive engagement to the website, So the rule is simple here, the more the number of followers, the better is your advantage! (but well, remember the more will be the cost.)


  1.     Keeping the content brew and fresh

The influencers are also expected to create content for each website that is unique and irresistible for the audience. The influencer can also encourage its community to share their own thoughts and opinions related to the brand. For instance, the brand, Gloria Ferrer used the hashtag #GloriousBites to boost their brand awareness which turned out to be a major success by netting 44 million social reposts.


  1.     Leading to collaborative content and publishing

The influencer marketing technique will also reach out to authoritative people in the industry that would not only create a voice but also establish the credibility of the brand. So make sure there’s nothing, absolutely nothing that the influencer can comprehend about your product.

How to find a good Influencer?

Now you know why influencer marketing has taken a NEVER-MISS place in each of our SEO campaigns. The competition in today’s world is not just high, it’s right at the TOP. Every brand wants to create a buzz.

Since there are so many benefits marketing influencing offers, it becomes extraordinarily crucial to choose the influencer who proves to be the best fit for your brand. Few ways to shortlist good influencers are –

1. Domain authority

Domain authority is a way to rank the credibility of the site. It is affected by the domain name and the content of the influencer. The specialization and credibility of your influencer help you rank higher on the scale. And higher the rank, the better chances there are of a positive effect on your SEO.

2. Niche

It is a big plus point for the marketing strategy if the influencer is being able to promote the website to people having the same niche as the website has or demands. For instance, – it would be useless for Nokia to enter into a partnership with Zara. 

3. Audience

After having found an influencer, it is necessary to have a look at the audience of the influencer. Detailed searching must be done and the targeted age group, gender must be definitely kept in mind as there are high chances that if the audience does not align with the product, they won’t find the brand or the product appealing.

4. Distribution of content

If the influencer showcases your content on multiple distribution platforms, you are lucky, because of course, the more the merrier! Every media platform has its own benefits. The brand owner with the help of the influencer must know how to correctly put them to work. Besides, on social media platforms, the time of publication of the content also matters. The owner must make sure that the influencer is publishing the content at the prime time (when the targeted audience is active).

So, if you also desire to appear on the first page of Google, increase your targeted audience and ultimately maximize profits, it is advised to use the true power of a market influencer and his audience. Develop a strong, healthy and long-lasting relationships with the influencers and you have no clue how far it can take you. Collaboration with an influencer increases social shares, native mentions, and visibility while the core benefits still remain the same – increment of sales.


Author Bio:

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at ViralChilly. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.