How to write Newsletters That Increase your sales

Written by on 11th July 2018

What is a newsletter

Newsletter in marketing is a special marketing technique that is focused on sending the information about their brand and products via email to the potential and real clients the subscribers themselves. Frankly speaking, more and more people tend not to read these letters. They are regarded to be unuseful and uninteresting. Our article is aimed at helping you and your company to create great newsletters that will be actually read by your subscribers and can definitely help you increase the sales.

Why is developing newsletters marketing important for your company? How can it boost the sales?

Developing targeted newsletters the best approach to boost the sales of your company but only when it is created properly. While reading an email your client feels like he or she is communicating directly with your company. The person is feeling engaged in your business and your product. You should also remember that sending a letter must be a regular thing. It is important to remind your client about your brand constantly. Moreover, it does help to increase your sales.

The latest research made by Convince and Convert proves that 44% of newsletters recipients make at least one purchase per year. The figures are not that promising but they prove the usefulness of sending out emails. It is understandable why using this approach can increase your sales. The texts are composed with highlighted benefits of the product. When creating them you are telling your clients the best facts about the brand.

Thus, it seems that both the product and brand are totally perfect. You can also explain the purchasing process and even enclose “BUY HERE” button to encourage the recipients to make a purchase. Enclosing a discount coupon can also bring huge benefits. You can attach a 3% discount (or even less). It does not really matter that the discount itself is not that big. Your client will be satisfied because people tend to get into the”discount traps”.

What should you focus on when composing the newsletters?

People who are writing the texts should think thoroughly about the data they include. Your recipient does not want to be bombarded by long texts full of unnecessary and complicated texts. You should not focus on deep details that can be important only for professionals. The email should be short and friendly written. Your recipient should feel that you treat him or her as a friend.

We advise the writers to include a lot of media data: photos, diagrams and tables. These kinds of information are proved to be perceived by the readers/viewers easier than the text itself. Our piece of advice is to sort the texts and make them more personalized.

You can personalize the emails by sorting your target audience. You can use the next criteria: age, country, field of expertise etc. The information included in your email now will be narrow-targeted with the usage of different approaches that can influence people from different backgrounds.

What should you write?

The most difficult part concerning newsletter management is the actual writing process. It does not really matter who is writing the newsletter. The writer should focus on some points that are going to help him or her to navigate himself or herself through the writing process.

What do we mean? Think about the next points:

  • Topic: What are the main points you would like to deliver to your recipient?
  • Content: What kinds of information you are going to include: graphic information, text, video etc.
  • Aim: What exactly you would like to get by sending out the emails: boosting your sales, increasing the number of the website visitors, promote the information about your product, etc.
  • Methods: What kinds of approach to your clients would you like to use? There are a lot of methods to establish the contact between your company and your client. By sending out a newsletter you can: 1) share the unique information that will not be published anywhere else but only in your newsletters; 2) share a “hook”: some short amount of information that will direct your reader to the full article published on your website etc. You can generate some unique technique of any kind.
  • Design: this part is totally up to you. From our point of view, the design of your email is an important step towards making your recipient read your newsletter. It is the first thing the recipient is going to notice after receiving an email from your company. There are a lot of different designs in trend. You can either use a colorful elaboration or a minimalistic one. Both of them will work perfectly, if the work of the designer is at a high level. Remember, that a lot of people are buying the goods in the supermarkets because of good packages. The same rule works for your emails.
  • Time: it is extremely important to follow some exact timing for sending out the emails. At this stage, you should answer the questions concerning the time you are planning to send out the emails and the frequency of sharing them. Different kinds of researches proved that the best time for sending the emails is morning time. It can be easily understood because most of the people are checking their inboxes in the morning. The frequency of sending out your emails is very important as well. You do not want to be too annoying. At the same time, you do not want your subscriber to forget about you.
  • Indexes: what kind of indexes would you like to track? Different companies are focused on different indexes for checking the work of their emails: for example, you can track the number of openings or click on the website link. It is also important to understand that these are not the rules you should follow. There are no actual rules you should stick to. All the process of writing should be guided by your imagination. Only a creative newsletter can catch your reader. So, work hard.

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