Being Hunted – Getting on Product Hunt

Written by Jon on 30th October 2015

So when planning out Neatly and its route to market we had set a number of milestones and a rough timeline next to each of them so we had an idea if we were meeting our objectives and targets.

Getting featured on Product Hunt was one of those milestones and I was on the site regularly to see what other products were being voted on and and questions being asked.

Sarah (who loves PH) had created a plan of how to get on, what to do when you are on and then the post mortem.  She started contacting all potential hunters and see how they might assist us by submitting on our behalf.

So we emailed PH and Ben emailed back to say that he had everything he needed and would be in touch shortly.  I hadn’t heard anything for a couple of days so I dropped Ben an email to ensure he had everything he needed, he got back to me straight away and informed us that Eric Willis would be our hunter – this was awesome news as Eric had a strong following and would be able to maximise our visibility.

Tuesday morning arrived and for some reason I thought we would not be submitted, not sure why and then the tweet came through on my phone to say we were on Product Hunt I had a mini panic attack and my mind went blank and I wasn’t sure what to do next.

2 minutes later I had regained my composure and accessed our plan on what to do on the day and began by thanking our hunter and introducing our platform.

Sarah came rushing through the door, she had also got a tweet and I think, had run from the station to the office to get to work and we were off.

Traffic started to come through straight away and Martin spent time to ensure that the platform was operating at the appropriate level and there were no issues.

We use Intercom to manage our user communications, this is integrated into Slack so we can see when a new user signups but also if someone sends us a message.  (we also have a light that goes off but this was turned off as it became a constant blue siren in the middle of the office)

Intercom was invaluable for those two days (and don’t see us moving anytime soon) and ensured we could deal with all enquiries and feedback in a timely fashion.

Questions came through Product Hunt and we ensured they were all answered in a timely fashion and the same for all tweets (of which there were a few) and messages via Twitter.

Votes started to mount up and by lunchtime we were hovering between 2nd and 3rd spot which was great.

Feedback started to come through as well as feature requests (and a couple of bugs) and we logged all integration requests on our Trello board – “the road to great neatlyness.”

Two integrations that seemed to be the most popular were Amazon and eBay, they had been on our radar for a while but had kept pushing back simply as their API’s were um, daunting and would require a lot of work but the benefits of having them as integrations were clear and have been pushed up the list – more to follow.

Traffic remained steady until about 10pm GMT and it was time to shut the computer down and get some sleep.

On the Wednesday traffic was still steady and we were fortunate enough to be featured in an email which drove more traffic to our site – great!


Was an excellent week for traffic, exposure and most importantly feedback on how we can improve the platform and also a lot of cool ideas we had not really thought about which was awesome.

I will probably do another post on PH in a couple of weeks to look at the long term influence for

If you are looking for some numbers and stats you can check out my post on Medium here