Differentiate your product using these innovative packaging ideas

Written by neatly.io on 15th March 2019

Today’s world is very competitive in every field. You, business owners, are always in search of ideas that can help you differentiate your products from others. And you do this, as you want to show your products are better than others, and you can draw the attention of probable buyers.  

To make your products different from others, you pay attention to several things/points and packaging is one of them. A fine packaging with clear printed information helps your products a lot to stand apart from others. By relating some specific characteristics to your products in packaging, you can create brand recognition for your business. With the uniqueness in your product packaging, you will have higher sales, as the visibility and credibility of your products get increased.

Here are some great packaging ideas that can help you in making your products from your counterparts:

Keep your products unique

You know no one loves/buys the same product. People have different ideas/tastes when they are out for buying the products of their need. They love to buy the unique one for them. Here I mean you should value the uniqueness in the packaging of a product to draw the attention of varied customers.

I mean here that you should pack a product differently for different people, 1-to-1 packaging. Suppose that you are offering a cosmetic product to two different customers. You can use different packaging for each of them. For this, you can use Custom Label Design for each pack to show the uniqueness in the product.

Apply the materials, finishing, and colours no one using your business field

To comprehend the use of materials, finishing, and colours, you should walk down your local market and visit a wine shop. At the shop, you can come across wine bottles with different logos, packaging, bottle design, and colours. You can come across the use of a wide variety of fancy estate paper which has red and black elegant script designs and fonts. You study will enable you to comprehend that winemakers want the patrons feel class, elegance, romance, etc. through such packaging. Here you can decide to use the different packaging for your wine business.

As a wine supplier, you can use Custom Labels for Wine Bottle to make your product different from others. In custom label, use a stunning logo and different images. You can find several packaging materials and colours for your wine packaging. Use the one, which is not used by others.

Pay attention to information while packaging

The label you are going to use for packaging your product must have clear printing. Whether the information is on ingredients/chemicals used in processing or packaging/expiry date, everything must be clear and readable. Avoid hiding any important message while labelling your product. You should clearly mention what you have used in processing/manufacturing the product and what is unique in it. By this, you can make your customers comprehend that your product is different from others, and why to buy yours instead of others.  

Apply interactive packaging technology to tell a story

Take an example of the latest iOS update. In this, the company has incorporated 11.0.3 QR code. With this, customers can easily scan the QR code for particular apps and avoid downloading the same that took time.

With the advancements in packaging technology, there are enormous possibilities for you. You can easily find the unique and appropriate packaging tricks for your own products. And with this, you can make your products stand out from your competitors. You can use personalized labels for products to stand apart from the crowd. Besides, the personalized label will help you change your business into a brand.

Make your packaging fun

Many established business never take time in making their product packaging funny. In spite of the absence of a neat technology in this regard, you can use your creativity in making your product and packaging fun. You can do it especially with a new product.

For example, you are selling brushes that can be used for painting or removing dust. Here you can add a pictorial message on this to make your product fun. With such a pictorial message, you can differentiate your product from others.

To succeed in marketing, brand differentiation is crucial for you. And packaging plays a vital role. A unique packaging draws the attention of buyers, and encourages them to a quick action for purchase. To stay ahead of competitors, you can use a few tools like shape, colourful graphics, unique messaging, custom presentation, and technological support. With these, I hope you would be successful in differentiating your products from others.