Copywriting Tips for a Product Launch

Written by on 17th January 2017

Continuing our theme of New Year, New Business, we invited Chris Giarratana to share his expertise on how to launch a new product. One of the key elements of any successful launch is the copy. If your message isn’t right, you won’t get the right customers!

Launching A New Product

As a business owner who is gearing up to launch a new product, you know how complicated the entire product launch process can be. You have all the Research & Development done, the production team is working hard to deliver the product on time, and your sales team is reaching out to potential customers to produce revenue.

But is your online message and copy ready to attract potential leads and convert customers?

A great product launch doesn’t happen by accident, and a successful launch is highly dependent on the effectiveness of your online sales copy.

What Makes Great Product Launch Copy?

Great copywriting for a product launch is vital to the success of your product launch. Getting prospects to buy on launch day is the overall goal of every piece of content you produce, so your copy needs to be optimized to ensure maximum effect.

Your online presence and message need to be tailored to your target audience, and each piece of your online marketing plan needs to fit together to generate and capture as many leads as possible. Great copywriting will help you accomplish this goal, and your product launch copy needs to:

  • Identify the problems your customers are experiencing.
  • Understand what trigger will have a reader convert to a lead or customer.
  • Implement a tactical approach to pull your target audience to take action.
  • Build credibility so your prospects trust your brand.
  • Sounds authentic and speaks the same language of your audience.
  • Identify the unique value of your product and showcase how it solves real-world problems.

Here are a few key elements your copy must have if you want your product launch to be a success.

Tell A Story

A great product launch will connect your audience with your product on an emotional level. People don’t buy a product just for the physical features of the product. Instead, people buy products because they value the product on a deeper level.

Stories are a great way to help you connect your audience with your business. Great copy will get your audience to imagine themselves using your product to accomplish their goals. A great story will be memorable and get your readers thinking of themselves as part of a movement and more major cause beyond themselves.


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Harry’s does a great job developing a story about their product and the problem they solve for their target audience. Along with using terms and phrases that are familiar to their audience (men), they also use great terms like “foaming” and “gentle scrub” to help the user visualize their product in action. The other thing I like about Harry’s product launch marketing material is that it points out when their product would be used. Identifying that Harry’s is used for pre-shave helps the user understand how the product works with the user’s schedule.

Persuade With Problems

No matter how great your product is, if your readers can’t find a solution with your product to real-life problems they experience then your product launch will fail. Your readers will pay more attention and value your product more if you show that you understand them and your business created this product specifically for their needs.

Make your readers feel special, and show empathy through your product launch copy. When writing, product launch sales copy be sure to identify specific problems that your audience is experiencing and show how your product solves those problems.


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Circle for Bitcoin not only developed a slick mobile app, they also drove the benefit of their product by showcasing problems that people might face and why their solution is necessary. For people worried about having their Bitcoins stolen, Circle for Bitcoin offers free insurance covering the full balance of a user’s funds. This alone is a big relief for many users who worry that their currency could be stolen.

Overcome Objections Head-On

No matter what market you are introducing your product, you are likely competing against other similar products with an established user base. In this case, your goal is to convince either customers entering the market to test your product or you are going to try to convert users of existing solutions to your product.

In both cases, your target audience will have doubts and objections to your product. This is because their past experiences have tainted their understanding of individual elements of solutions they see as similar to yours. Your product launch sales copy should take into account these variables and address their objections head-on. Doing so will give you not only credibility, but you will also be able to avoid other issues as you work to increase conversions.


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Geared toward avid fishermen, TOPO introduced a line of fishing gear that can break down into a small, lightweight design. Since their brand was relatively new to most of their customers, TOPO mentions that they teamed up with their “good friends” at Tenkara Rod Co. This partnership establishes authority for TOPO, and this helps them overcome the initial barrier of mistrust from buyers.

Use Power Words To Drive Conversions

All of your marketing material and sales copy your product to promote your product launch needs to focus on your target audience. Your text should focus on your potential buyers more than it focuses on your product itself.

Remember, your customers will buy your product to solve their problems. Instead of focusing on what your product can do and the technical aspects of your product, you should always talk about your audience and their needs.

Using words like “you” and “your” can help you paint a picture of ownership for your readers. When you use these kinds of words, you focus your copy on the reads and engage their needs. This type of approach when developing your product launch sales copy will help you connect with your audience and drive more leads and convert more customers.


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As an established player in the sports industry, Nike introduced their newest Apple Watch. Based on their brand, Nike continues to use power words like “innovation,” “compression-molded,” and “boldly display.” As a side note, notice how Nike crafts the message in a sleek and minimalist manner, while always emphasizing the benefits of their product (see stats in direct sunlight, etc.).

Putting It altogether

Now that you know the secrets to creating great copy for your next product launch, you will be able to attract more leads and build a customer base. Remember to use specific words and phrases to tell a story and help your audience imagine using your product. Have a successful product launch to grow your business and reach more customers today!


Chris Giarratana is a professional digital marketing consultant with 13 years of experience helping businesses understand and reach their audience in new and interesting ways. He focuses on customer needs balanced with competitive analysis, and drives conversions with his background in various channels. You can learn more about him on his website.