Small Business Toolkit

Small Business Calculators

Use our calculators, built specifically for small businesses, to evaluate your current business and forecast where you want to go. From estimating how many monthly sales you can expect with an increased conversion rate to calculating whether you’re currently breaking even, all the calculators you need to evaluate your current progress are below.

Total Sales

Estimate your monthly sales with this Website Conversion Calculator and find out how many visitors you’ll need, what you’re average order value needs to be and what your conversion rate you should be targeting in order to hit your goal.

Calculate your Total Sales

Cost Per Acquisition

Need to calculate your Cost Per Acquisition quickly? Just plug in your spend and conversion rate right here.

Calculate your Cost Per Acquisition

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value is an essential metric for any subscription business, but it can be tricky to work out. Use our calculator to find out exactly what your LTV is in just a few clicks.

Calculate your Customer Lifetime Value

Email Marketing ROI

Do you know how much your Email Marketing is costing you? Plug in some stats right here and we’ll give you the full breakdown on what the costs are and what your Return on Investment is.

Calculate your Email Marketing ROI

Direct Mail ROI

Email marketing may be the king of the two, but direct mail marketing still has it’s worth. Calculate whether your direct mail marketing campaign is worth it with this calculator.

Calculate your Direct Mail ROI

Profit / Loss

One metric essential to any small business is knowing whether your sales are covering the costs of your expenses. It’s at this point that you can class yourself as a profitable business! Find out whether you’re profiting or at a loss with this calculator.

Calculate your Profit / Loss

Churn Per Click ROI

Churn = the number of customer you’re losing. Losing customers is something that happens to everyone, but unfortunately you can’t keep everyone happy. Calculate your current churn rate and if it’s starting to get too high, find out what to do about it.

Calculate your Chuck Per Click ROI

Churn Rate

It’s all too easy for PPC campaigns to run wild with your budget and within a short time you’ve overspent. Keeping a close eye on your CPA can help you to make sure you’re not spending unnecessarily. Calculate your PPC Cost per Acquisition below.

Calculate your Churn Rate