Becoming a Techpreneur – do you have what it takes

Written by on 2nd July 2019

Tech entrepreneur or “Techpreneur”: An entrepreneur who starts and manages their own technology business. A typical Techpreneur profile: Someone who thinks outside the box; a person that quickly adapts to changes on the market and utilizes new technologies as an advantage. Big data, blockchain, machine learning, IoT and artificial intelligence – do you know how to use it all to get ahead?

Starting a business may sound like a great idea – what could be better than being your own boss? Of course, it’s easier said than done. There are significant risks to starting a business, as well as the lingering fear that you will fail. Beginning this new chapter is about learning what works, taking strategic steps, planning every move, and delivering your vision to the market. If your ideas are good, you will find your target audience. If you fail, revise your plan and release it again as a version 2.0. Being a techpreneur differs from being an innovator. Innovators invent their ideas, but techpreneurs take the steps necessary to kickstart their ideas into action. The end of the 20th century is marked by the rapid growth of technology and the exploration of the full potential of the internet. Combining tech inventions with entrepreneurship ventures led us to the creation of techpreneurs – young leaders that take action. Do you have what it takes to be one?

Find your place and be tech savvy

Before you embark on this adventure, it helps to research and establish rules. Learn about lean startups and set an ecosystem where your startup can function seamlessly. Know your strengths and learn to communicate your vision with language that ordinary people outside of your industry can understand. No one will connect to your company if they can’t understand its purpose or services. Once everything is set, think about your place in the market. If you are starting from scratch, explore the latest tech trends on the market to find your inspiration. 

It is also very important to know your strengths and perhaps, more importantly, your weaknesses. In today’s market, it is very easy to become obsolete if you do not regularly adapt and integrate. Staying connected to developing technology allows you to continuously offer improvements and best practices. Aligning your momentum and ideas to the numerous technologies that are thriving out there will be greatly beneficial.

Techpreneurs have a firm grasp and understanding of their technology and products. They are experts in their field and know important details down to every aspect. The devil is in the details, as they say.

Raise the bar higher and then a little bit higher…

There is nothing wrong with being an overachiever. You are investing your time, your energy, and your inspiration in something that you believe in, as well as all the financial resources you’ve worked to collect. Working toward success on this massive undertaking is consuming and constant. While it is not solely about your money and your connections, utilizing your resources of both is advantageous while building a business. If you think that your learning ended when you completed school, you are destined to fail. Success in life requires constant learning and improving your skills, working systematically, and choosing your battles. You are a visionary – find the path to make your vision a reality. Establish the standards you wish to live by. 

As each level gets harder, learn to love the process 

Technology is changing very fast and adapting to changes quickly is the key to success. Sometimes you may be in an intense situation with enormous caffeine levels in your bloodstream, running from one meeting to another, and trying to convince people to support your idea or buy your product. But the harder the level, the stronger the impact is in the end. Remember that you are the change-maker and your creativity is driving innovation, especially if you are a tech innovator. There is a lot of space to be creative in the tech world. Once you spark innovation, develop it step by step, and you will gain more and more followers. Know your products and services, and learn to communicate your vision and mission clearly.

Acquire highly-skilled talent and learn to function as a team

Assemble your team. Create a healthy atmosphere with your team immediately at the beginning. Choose people with skills that are complementary to each other. Try to avoid conflicts of interest amongst the cohort, and make sure you are surrounded by a group of people who have the same vision and look the same direction. Learn more about the skill sets and work styles of your colleagues to share tasks based on individual affinities and skills. It is completely fine to challenge your team members in order to create something excellent. In the beginning, focus on the relationships that develop from the work everyone achieves together. 

And the most important thing…

Be passionate about what you do. So passionate that people can’t help, but believe in you. Being devoted to your vision will keep you motivated. If you don’t believe in what you are saying, how do you expect that others will believe in what you are trying to sell? Stand behind every word you say and know your field.  Remember that there is no right or wrong path. Only the path that you create in pursuit of your new venture. Rethinking and re-imagining what is possible through technology will shift the tides. Be a captain of that ship.