Public API Documentation

Endpoints that require or support parameters can either be passed as GET/POST query parameters or as a JSON object of attributes.


All clients must be authenticated in order to access the API and all requests must be made via HTTPS.

  • Token based autentication

    Users may authenticate with the API by providing a X-Token-Auth header with all requests.

    X-Auth-Token: 138-86c5bee25341dc718c5b86a468ce969532f06c75

    You may generate an API token by visiting your companies profile page and clicking the "Generate a new API token" option at the bottom of the page. You may then assign all or specific integrations to a token.

    Remember: You'll only be shown the token once, so make sure to make a note of it before continuing!

Rate limiting

Rate limiting is performed on a per company basis across all generated API tokens and integrations. There is currently a daily limit of 1000 API requests per company, with the limit being reset at midnight GMT.

If you exceed the rate limit, a 429 Too Many Requests response will be returned.

Date parameters

All integrations support the following request parameters for filtering results by date.

Parameter Type Example
start_date string | ISO 8601 2015-01-05 or 2015-01-05 09:45:00
end_date string | ISO 8601 2015-02-14 or 2015-02-14 21:39:00

Supported Integrations

Not every integration is currently supported but we're working hard to change that! Below you can find documentation for each integration we support.


Should you encounter an error when using the API the appropriate response code will be returned (e.g. 400 Bad Request, 404 Not Found, etc.)

In the case of a 400 Bad Request, an array of error messages may be returned to provide you with more context.

            errors: [
                ""email" required."