8 Types of Visual Content To Boost Your Blog Engagement

Written by neatly.io on 10th September 2018

Whether your blog posts announce new product releases, share interesting community events, or give readers tips for using your flyer templates and other products, consider using more than words. Visual content adds dimension to your blog posts. Additionally, your blog readers retain images long after they’ve forgotten the words, so consider including eight types of visual content in your blogs as you boost engagement.


Infographics are one of the most powerful tools in your inventory! Not only do they enhance the legitimacy, and engagement of your blog posts but also help you to get more backlinks than ever before! As a bonus, infographics add visual appeal to your blog. Ideally, you should use colorful infographics with large text that’s easy to read.

While you can use infographics from a variety of sources, consider creating your own. Readers may then link to your blog when they cite your research, which could boost engagement and improve your SEO rank. You can also try submitting your infographics to different infographic submission websites, or you could use the powerful “Guestographic” strategy to earn quality backlinks!


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Create exciting blogs when you insert photos. High-quality stock photos give your blog a professional and uniform appearance that entices viewers to return often.

You can also build trust in your brand and authenticate your content when you use original photos. Simply snap and edit pictures on your smartphone or with a variety of online photo editing tools.


Increase the amount of time visitors stay on your blog by more than 100 percent when you add video content. To boost views even more, insert embedded links to relevant videos on your YouTube channel. You may also add captions to your videos and boost the number of complete video views by 80 percent.

You could make original videos that support each post’s content and theme. Alternatively, if you’re short on time or resources, repurpose content. For example, edit several videos into a short montage, create a video of still photos or turn a long video into several short ones. Then conveniently manage all your videos with video CMS.  

Animated GIFs


A mix of photo and video, animated GIFs add dynamic dimension to blog posts. The simulated movement catches readers’ eyes and causes them to pause and pay attention to the content. GIFs are also mobile friendly.

When creating animated GIFs, you can use a variety of programs. Likewise, convert photos, social media videos and webcam content into educational and entertaining GIFs. Then, you may insert GIFs to emphasize the main points of your post or alternate them with other types of visual content to add excitement to your blog.


With screenshots, you can give readers a step-by-step illustrated guide that supports your blog post information. The pictures help you explain your post and add visual interest. Original screenshots and annotations also add value and authenticity to your posts.   

After you take relevant screenshots, you can edit them to add helpful details. For example, insert text annotations to explain information or use arrows and circles to emphasize specific points.


A picture with a word or phrase can express a powerful sentiment or evoke emotion. Whether you create your own memes or borrow content, you connect with your audience through this unique visual experience.

For maximum impact, research memes before you post them. Sometimes, previously-created memes include a specific connotation that may not support your brand, values or purpose. Also, be aware of any copyright that’s associated with the meme’s picture or phrase.  

Charts and Graphs

Share a variety of data with charts and graphs. They allow readers to visualize the information in your blog and can improve the credibility of your content as you build trust in your brand.

When you use a chart or graph maker to create relevant visual content, double check that the finished product is easy to read and accurate. Review the charts and graphs for mobile friendliness, too.

Audience Contributions

Invite your audience to create visual content for your blog. This invitation attracts attention and gives readers a stake in your company.

A contest can be a good way to solicit audience contributions. Ask readers to share photos, videos or GIFs based on a specific theme or invite them to caption a photo or screenshot. While only one person wins a prize, you may showcase all the contributions on your blog, website and OTT apps as you give your audience bragging rights and encourage them to share your content with their network.

The visual content you include in your blog posts creates beneficial pauses that interest your readers. Consider inserting a mixture of these eight types of visual content into your blog as you boost engagement. You can also monitor analytics as you discover the specific types of visual content your readers like best.