8 Little Things That Can Skyrocket Your Trade Show Sales

Written by neatly.io on 28th November 2019

Trade shows present a limited window of opportunity when customers come to you. If you play your cards right, you can walk away from a single trade show with multiple business orders.

However, a lot of the battle is won or lost in the little things. Seemingly trivial things that you do or do not do can have a profound impact on your trade success.

Here are 8 of them listed below.

Act like the leader you want to be

Throw Away that Sales Pitch

Sales pitches are for people who are bad at sales. They sound impersonal and they can leave customers uninterested. Even if it’s well written, the monotony of repeating the same words can show on the faces of sales executives and that can impact the sales.
Instead of having sales executives memorize a sales pitch, train them to understand the benefits of the products, then let them fly. Allow them to interact with customers in their own style.

Don’t get us wrong, sales pitches are not the same as product knowledge. Your sales guys need to be an expert in what they are selling and understand the industry supremely well. However, don’t ask them to go by a set pattern of conversation and encourage them to engage in their own unique ways.

Stop Crowding Your Trade Show Booth with Products

Breathing space! It’s important. When you crowd all your products into your booth, it kind of devalues everything. Some products are best left in the catalogs, and some are better for displays. Allow each product to shine by giving them enough space so customers can see them properly without being distracted by something else.

Start Using Buzzword Signs to Draw Attention

Simple signages that say “New” or “Limited Period Offer” can actually make a huge difference. If you have a new product that needs a bit of attention, then place a placard next to it and let people know that it’s actually new.

Simple signs like these draw people’s attention. However, be sure not to overdo it. Not everything in your booth can be “New.”

Support one another in challenging situations

Get a Custom Booth Designed and Built Professionally

If you want to be taken seriously you need a booth that looks professional. Unless you are a trade show booth manufacturer there is little chance you are going to get it right. Hire a company and get a trade show rental booth designed specifically for you.

Seeming professional and attractive is the gateway to getting customers in your booth. With more enquiries, you stand a better chance of scoring that many orders for your company.

Smile and a Handshake Wins Over Scripted Sales Greetings, Every Time

Smile and a handshake not only show that you are confident, but it also opens up conversations. Add good eye contact into the mix and you can impress potential customers and make them pay attention.

Also, pay attention to customers who are walking into your booth while you are speaking to another customer. Drop them a quick hello by saying something like, “Welcome to our booth, I will be right there with you.” Handshaking may not be practical if you are busy speaking with someone else, but greet anyone who walks in with a smile, no exceptions. So much so, that your cheek muscles should start hurting by the time you are ready to call it a day.

This little gesture will allow you to retain customers in your booth for longer and have them patiently waiting for you to attend them.

Embrace the notion of individuality 

Hire People with Great Conversation Skills

As we mentioned in the first point, sales scripts are conversation killers. You know what else is? A sales executive who is not interested or capable of making good conversations.

When hiring your sales staff make sure to check their conversation skills. How good are they at asking relevant and interesting questions? Do they speak in a way that makes you want to talk to them? These are all important factors and it can determine the fate of your trade show participation.

Invest in your reputation 

Ask Qualifying Questions But Guise Them Well

While you do want to greet everyone, not everyone is your customer. A trade show can attract plenty of people just interested to gather some info. To screen them out ask qualifying questions but do it in a way that’s polite.

Follow Up Within 48 Hours Unless Specified Otherwise

Unless a customer or potential client asks you to call on a certain date, it’s best to follow up within two days. The reason is simple. Trade shows are highly competitive and there is a good chance the person has already given his or her contact number to several other companies offering similar products. If you don’t call fast, someone else will and close the deal.