7 Ways Good Blog Will Support Your E-commerce Business Growth

Written by neatly.io on 20th December 2018

E-commerce, as the very name suggests, has the goal of selling and bringing profit. This is the reason why many online retailers still don’t have their blog, or they don’t use it enough and properly. They often think it is sufficient to write a couple of sentences just to fill the free screen space. What if we tell you that long blog posts generate nine times more leads than short blog posts? Blogging brings traffic to your website and, therefore, increases the chance of making a sale and increasing ROI. These seem like pretty obvious benefits, but as we dwell deeper into the issue, you will see that there is a vastness of opportunities for e-commerce growth through blogging.

It helps you build your brand

In this hasty day and age, we can say that an e-commerce store is a major upgrade comparing to brick-and-mortar shops, because it allows customers to make purchases from the comfort of their home, and helps retailers save money they would spend on renting a store and designing its interior. However, there is one thing brick-and-mortar does better, and that is the personal interaction with customers, which helps build relationship and trust with shoppers. Blogging can be your way of informal communication which gives a more human side to your business. That’s why you need to use conversational form and share your story with the users.

It improves your SEO

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Search engines led by Google gave content a huge role in their ranking algorithms. And we are not talking about scribbles, low-resolution videos, and poorly-composed photos – high-quality content is more than important because it allows you to rank for a variety of keywords and it shows the search engines that you are a valuable source of credible information. Well-written blog posts promote your website and motivate other reputable sites to link to them, which boosts your rank and online authority.

It makes you “shareable”

Unless we are talking about a giveaway or a contest, it is hardly likely that a user will share what you are doing with their friends on social media. Interesting blog posts increase the chances of your stores getting shared by others.

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Also, you will have more appealing content to share with your followers. Social media marketing strategy is more appreciated than ever and having something to share and discuss with your customers is always a good thing. If you share your blog posts with an interesting caption and a call-to-action you will guide more traffic to your website.

It enables you to create calls-to-action

CTAs can prompt immediate responses and encourage quick sales or shares. When you are blogging about your ideas, new concepts, success stories, and testimonials, you are bringing the site visitors one step closer to becoming buyers. Inside the very content, you can include a call-to-action which directs them specifically to a certain product.

It makes you eligible for guest-blogging

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Getting free attention is always a good thing, but you are not going to get it if you are not a credible source yourself. By creating quality content, you are becoming eligible for guest-blogging. You will be able to contact other bloggers and use their outreach to connect with new visitors. When you find a blogger with a suitable audience, you should reach out and offer to write a guest post their audience will like.

It gets your products reviewed

Since there is no prior physical contact with the products offered online, many of the potential shoppers read the available reviews before making a purchase. Having your own blog behind you gives you the authority to contact bloggers with relevant audiences and offer a free product in exchange for a review. If your product is good, you will get a great review, which will attract the audience which did not know about your business in the first place.

It is a non-intrusive marketing tool

In the age of information, people are bombarded by marketing messages every single second. Because of that, they’ve learned not to be naive and not to fall to every “salesy” message. Blog content can be useful for your customers because they get more value than with a simple ad. This enables you to build trust and loyalty, and create an online community where your customers will feel like they are a part of something bigger.

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Running an e-commerce store requires generating a lot of traffic so that it could lead to sales and earn you profit. One of the most important areas where businesses always had to invest in is marketing. As time changed, the way we do marketing also changed. Now the accent is placed on the content. E-commerce stores should use the momentum, and start creating their own content. If you had any doubts about it before this article, now you probably now that this is necessary.