7 Signs You Need to Change a Web Hosting Provider

Written by neatly.io on 4th April 2019

Running a business website comes with privileges and challenges that you need to expect from the word go. However, creating a website has now been made easier owing to the fact that there are several tools that can be used to do so. A very particular tool to consider is the CMS WordPress that has given the ‘non-coders’ an opportunity to come up with a website despite not knowing a thing about coding.

Ideally, coming up with a website could take days, weeks, and even months of code strings put together to give a final product. This is where the question of web hosting comes in. In order to have your website running smoothly, you need to ensure that you choose the right web host. If you already have one, but it’s giving you problems, you need to think about changing web hosting providers.

Changing website host from a shared type to a virtual private server can save you so much of your time and money. Before going any further, you first need to understand what VPS hosting is. By definition, it’s described as a discrete or secluded server that allows the user to gain access to website hosting services. In most cases, shared web hosting may put you through mishaps and that’s why you need to scale up your website from shared to VPS hosting. Here are some other reasons why you may need to consider switching hosting providers.

1. Excess Downtime

Nothing chases online customers away like delays and unexpected technical issues. Downtime is a big limitation because it can make your business lose prospects which has a direct effect on your sales and conversion rate. Therefore, if your website happens to be experiencing a downtime of more than 1%, it’s a clear sign that you need to migrate your website from shared to VPS hosting. The move can give your website the required 99% uptime that you need to continually carry out your online workflow.

2. Slow Loading Time

Slow loading time is such a big disadvantage because even a one-second delay can cost you a number of online clients. The explanation behind it is probably due to having too many users in one server, unoptimized site or increased website traffic. Keep in mind that if your slow loading time is as a result of increased website traffic or unoptimized site, it’s high time you think of switching hosting providers.

3. Limitation on Bandwidth Allocation

Despite the fact that most hosting companies now offer unlimited bandwidth, some may still create a limitation due to the ‘fair usage policy’. It’s only because of this that you need to take some time and carefully read the company’s policy in regard to bandwidth limitation. If you don’t do that, your site may experience temporary downtime which is what you’re trying to avoid.

4. Insufficient Storage Space

Storage space is vital and may vary based on the type of website you’re running. Even so, your current web hosting provider may be unable to fully cover your storage needs, and this should be a sign that you ought to think through changing website host. Insufficient storage space can tamper with your website’s ability to develop and produce results.

5. Poor Features on Security

Your online clients need to have the comfort of surfing through your site without worry of malware or virus attacks. Having poor website security cannot only make your website vulnerable to malware attack, but also risk a close down by your search engine provider as part of their updated website policy. This can lead to dropped rankings which are as bad as losing business. Therefore, if your web host can’t provide you with the top security features, you have to start thinking of changing web hosting features.

6. Bad Customer Support

Online customers can easily lose their patience whenever they are faced with a challenge that requires further assistance. You also need to remember that a reliable web host needs to provide 24/7 customer support that runs throughout the year. If this is what your website lacks, you need to think of a change as soon as possible.

7. Bizarre Charges

There’s nothing more annoying than finding out that your credit card has been charged for an expense that you can’t even understand. If this is the case with your web host, you need to think of a solution by coming up with a switching plan. Your web host needs to be in a position to notify you of all charges and give further details on the same.


Web hosting requires urgent attention and proper research so as to make the right move and guarantee good functionality. In any case, you need to stick to one reliable web host that satisfies your website needs and provides the opportunity for growth because switching providers all the time can mess up with your site’s functionality.

About the author: Riya is an inspired writer writing in several areas of expertise. With spending her years working marketing communication, Riya is delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. Check out her Twitter, @sanderriya.