7 Free Extensions For Your WooCommerce Website

Written by Jon on 10th October 2016

If you’ve already got yourself a WordPress site and are looking to add an ecommerce element, you need look no further than WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce solution built upon the ever popular WordPress CMS and has a wide range of features straight out of the box.

Reportedly, 39% of the world’s ecommerce site use the ecommerce package, so you know you’re in good company.

While it does have a wide range of features straight out of the box, it doesn’t have everything. But much like Magento, WooCommerce has a huge range of extensions that you can add to your site to build a great customer experience, and better yet like WooCommerce itself, they’re free.

Here’s 7 I’d recommend:

1. WooCommerce Customiser

This is a great extension for those of us with limited coding skills. Changing the text or design on your add to cart button could have a big impact on your conversion rate, however you want to keep experimenting and not having to pay a developer for every little tweak and change.

The WooCommerce Customiser does exactly that and it’s completely free.

woocommerce customizerCheck it out

2.  Delivery Date (Free)

Having great delivery options provides you with an opportunity to stand out from your competitors, and allowing your customers to select the date they would like their order to arrive is a great way to do this.  Delivery Date allows you to set a minimum delivery time and select delivery weekdays.

This extension also has a professional version so if you find it is ‘feature lite’ it might be worth checking the pro extension out.

order delivery date for woocommerce

Check it out

3.  Stripe for WooCommerce

There are a wide range of payment gateways and systems out there but I really like Stripe due to how quick and simple it is to set up.

I also like the feature which allows you to store customer card details for next purchase in a safe and PCI compliant way, great for your returning customers and conversion rate.

stripe for woocommerce

Check it out

4.  WooCommerce PDF & Print

A nifty little extension for those of you who still like to print things off!  This extension will give you customers the ability to save a page as a PDF (and more) to save for a future time. Sometimes a great customer experience is all about the simple things!

woocommerce pdf and print

Check it out

5.  WooCommerce Product FAQ’s

It stands to reason, if you are getting asked the same question multiple times, then you face the real danger that a lot of people are leaving without contacting you at all.

User generated FAQ’s are great as they provide you with 50% of the content required to get you started; you are effectively getting feedback on what is missing from your product descriptions.  (All of this content is great for SEO as well!)

Use this extension to post all FAQ’s and their relevant answers on a particular product page for further information as and when your customers want it.

Who else this does this well?  Amazon of course!

woocommerce product FAQs

Check it out

6.   WooCommerce Currency Switcher

When you are selling to a global audience, it’s essential that you allow customers to see prices and purchase in their local currency.  This extension makes it super easy for you and your customers, allowing you to display a variety of currencies with the flick of a toggle.

woocommerce currency switcher

Check it out

7.  Storefront

Technically not an extension but a great free theme extension for your new WooCommerce shop that you can get you set up and selling online with minimal difficulty.

If you are setting up a WooCommerce store and still haven’t chosen your theme as yet then this is worth considering, as it is developed by WooCommerce and has a ‘bulletproof’ integration.

If there is something missing from the theme, no worries, they have an extension for that!

storefront woocommerce theme

Check it out

Know of any other free WooCommerce extensions?  Just let us know in the comments below