6 ways micro-influencers can help you develop a successful marketing strategy

Written by neatly.io on 1st August 2019

If you are conducting business in the current market, then you are aware of the term influencer marketing. This is one of the best marketing efforts being used by many popular brands in the current times.  It is a word-of-mouth marketing technique. 

In this marketing model, the influencers are identified, and thoughts, opinion, content, and comments are shared with them as a means of engaging with them and their followers. Many brands are following this path of success of linking with influencers to help their brand grow. 

But how do the influencers help with growth and sales of a brand? 


If you are successful in selecting the ideal influencer you will get success in the niche that they work in. A smaller base of the influencer works out better for products and services which are extremely unique or special. 

Ideally, you would want your influencer’s followers to be a part of the call-to-action process, so that they can become customers at the end of the day. 

With the help of micro-influencer campaigns, you can reach out to a new set of users who are willing to use the product but would not have taken any interest in your brand if it was not backed by some credible source. 


The Messaging Of The Brand:

It’s important to link up with influencers who share your brand message. Of course, you will not want to find an influencer with a very large follower base. It can make your message go missing in the crowd. However, the crowd must be large enough so that your message reaches the potential clients. 

But before anything, you have to work on your branding message so that you remain consistent throughout the process.  Though you would want the branding message to remain the same, do not limit the access of the influencer to the creatives only. They know what their followers engage with the best. They use a certain type of language, designs and remain authentic in their approach. Give them the liberty to try out new things.

Let’s take inspiration from this micro-influencer Jesse Driftwood (@jessedriftwood) of Audible which is an audiobook or podcast division of Amazon. He posted a photo of himself using Audible and explained how he makes use of Audible to learn more about the business management and productivity while doing his routine work.

However Driftwood had fewer follower base of around 100,000 followers but Audible marketing team got some loyal engagement. The reason was simple. Driftwood kept the brand message very simple and genuine that followers felt that they’re receiving an authentic suggestion from a friend.


The secret to the success of an influencer marketing plan is trust. Influencers keep the interest of the followers in their mind when they post any content. This makes them credible and trustworthy. 

In other words, influencers work like peers. They provide information and recommendations which the followers trust. Thus more and more brands are including influencer marketing campaign in their marketing plan. Micro-influencers always remain very unbiased, like big influencers, their relationship with their followers is based on trust, belief, and values. 

Most often micro-influencers are not made a part of the paid advertisements. Thus trust is the only thing they seek from the followers, and that becomes useful for the brands.


The influencers allow the various brands to develop their loyalty with the customers through the influencers themselves. However, to make this happen, the brand has to choose an influencer who reflects the personal value of the brand and thereby leverage the influencer to increase the loyalty amongst customers for that brand. 

Sales That Can Be Tracked:

Tracking sales can be a very difficult process and adding an influencer to the mix can make matters even more complicated. But why?

Because the sales cycle can be pulled beyond the campaign which makes continuous tracking essential in order to determine the result and to analyze the same.  A few means can be used for tracking influencer marketing, and how it is affecting the sales. 

The UTM parameters, for instance, comment to buy, tracking pixels and such other methods can be used. 


Research conducted has shown that revenue growth is somehow linked to the level of customer engagement. One can make the numbers go up with the help of micro-influencers.  Another study conducted by the HelloSociety revealed that micro-influencers generate 60 percent more engagement than other traditional means of marketing. 

There exist a strong relationship and sense of community between the influencer and his/her followers. Most often they interact via posts or sometimes, through direct messages on the various social media platforms. The only way to engage with the followers is by posting regularly. However, the content too must be of high quality or else the followers will not be interested. Tools like Canva helps a lot to create these graphics in less time.

The more authentic content is produced and shared the more people are drawn towards these influencers. In order to keep track of the engagement rate, checking the social analytics for the various social media sites, and website analytics is very important. Using the various analytics checking tools, it is possible to check the number of click rates, likes, comments, shares, mentions, and such other online activities. 

Influencer marketing is growing and is a very effective style in current times. Thus, if you are still to try this popular marketing strategy, you should definitely give it a shot. However, for starters, begin with micro-influencers who can make your products and services reach a larger customer base and strengthen your brand loyalty, provides you with traceable sales along with increased engagement. Once you are done with your micro-influencer marketing campaign, and if it was done successfully, your sales are most likely to increase and show on the charts. 

So give it a try today!!! 

Author Bio:

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.