4 Expert Online Marketing Tips to Build Brand Loyalty

Written by neatly.io on 3rd October 2019

The online marketplace is becoming more and more competitive as brands vie for the attention of consumers, and while the one-off purchase will go some way to helping to grow your business, for long-term success, the key is to build a loyal customer base.

This may sound like a simple concept, but nowadays shoppers are more savvy and willing to shop around if necessary, making brand loyalty even harder to achieve. However, in today’s post, the online marketing experts at Land Digital will be offering some insiders tips on how small businesses can create a long-term online marketing plan that will keep the one-off customers coming back for more – helping to grow your business in the process.

Refine your brand voice

Whether you’re selling electrical gadgets or accountancy software through your website, a fundamental part of engaging with your target audience is to refine your brand voice. To do this, it’s important to take the time to understand who you are, who your customers are and how you want them to perceive you.

With these key elements in place, you can then begin to create a brand voice that resonates with your target audience and provides a clear affinity between your product and your customers.

Of course, your tone of voice will be driven by the type of product you’re offering, but your core brand vision and values should always be at the heart of your branding message. To optimise engagement with consumers, be sure to keep your voice friendly and personal and avoid simply wax lyricalling about how great you are with a barrage of sales messages. Instead, push forward the value and benefit your products can bring to customer, demonstrating you truly understand their needs and wants.

Whether you favour a light-hearted and fun tone or a more professional and conservative approach to your brand voice, ensure it’s reflective of your brand and retains a consistent synergy between your products and your consumers.

Craft compelling content

Having exceptional products and a state-of-the-art website is likely to be a huge part of your online business strategy, but these factors mean nothing if no one is visiting your site or even knows you exist. One effective way to bring your brand to the fore is with compelling content that gives you the chance to engage with your consumers and makes your brand hard to ignore.

As a starting point, consider an introductory offer that will certainly cause a stir (even in crowded markets) and tell as many people about it as you can through online platforms. From quirky social media posts to friendly email marketing campaigns, craft unique and engaging content that you know will pique the interest of potential shoppers.

Secondly, ensure your website is populated with quality content that you know your readers will enjoy and find relevant. From industry-related blog posts to tailored landing pages that direct consumers from social media posts to specific products, where possible, ensure every aspect of your online content is done well and feels personal to the end user.

The presence of quality content which engages and informs your consumers will go towards keeping visitors on your site and coming back for more, particularly if you’re regularly uploading fresh, innovative content.

Engage with your audience

Customer engagement has become an integral part of how many brands (both on and offline) build brand loyalty with their consumers. A key component of this, particularly for online brands, is social media marketing. With figures suggesting that 3.2 billion people currently use social media, it’s no surprise that this provides the perfect medium for reaching a wider and more targeted audience.

However, the key to successfully engaging with your customers and converting them to loyal ones is to ensure your interactions are genuine and actually add value. To do this, avoid a blanket approach simply targeting all social channels with the same message. Instead, be selective about which channels you use and curate bespoke content for each one that will have the maximum impact with your ideal customer.

Industry influencers are also becoming a highly effective means of growing customer bases as they offer an authentic way to reach potential consumers. Reaching out to a handful of influencers within your marketplace can go a long way in giving your brand more credibility, while also contributing to establishing you as a trustworthy brand within your field.

Embrace feedback (the good and the bad)

Customer feedback can be a powerful tool for online businesses looking to bolster brand loyalty as it gives a valuable insight into the customer experience. While no business wants to be marred with negative reviews online or a Twitter feed that’s littered with complaints, how you react to all feedback is key to the perception of your brand.

Instead of shying away from feedback or simply assuming that no feedback means you must be doing a good job, use your website and social media channels to encourage shoppers to give their views on your products and services.

If you do receive a deluge of complaints or negative feedback, acknowledge them and take a friendly approach to dealing with the issue. More often than not, customers will understand if problems arise with delayed delivery or damaged products, providing they’re informed and a suitable resolution or compensation is offered.

You can also use the good and bad feedback to hone your customer service to improve their shopping experience and demonstrate that you value their custom and opinion.

When it comes to building brand loyalty, it’s never going to be a quick fix, but we hope with the above insights, you’ll have plenty of ideas on how to build a solid foundation for your business that puts the customer first, ensuring they keep coming back time and time again as a result.