12 Quick Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Written by Jon on 6th April 2016

So, your conversion rate is okay but you think it should be higher, but you don’t have the time and resources to make huge changes to your site. Well, you’re in luck, as sometimes even the smallest of changes can have a big impact and can be relatively easy to implement.

A lot of the points below could be easily overlooked, ignored or perhaps you tested a few previously but nothing happened. This doesn’t mean you should not look at them again (times change you know), continuous optimization of your website will ensure you maximise your conversion rate and convert as many visitors to customers as possible.

All of the points below warrant a discussion at your next marketing/web meeting and from there identify which ones would be the easiest to implement and easiest to measure effectiveness.  It is a good idea to implement these changes over a period of time so you can accurately measure which changes had the biggest effect on your conversion rate.

Remember, when implementing these changes you should ensure you annotate Google Analytics so you can measure impact and effectiveness of any of the below tips.

Anyhow, without any further delay, here are 12 quick ways to increase your website conversion rate.

1. Minimise the amount of fields required

If you are asking users to sign up to an email or proceed via the checkout process you should ensure that fields are kept to a minimum and those that are not necessary should always be left optional.

2. Add a shopping guarantee

A ‘no questions asked guarantee’ or refund policy is a great way to provide customers with a level of trust in your product or service.

It is likely that your refund rate will increase, however, this should be countered by the increase in sales.

3. Use testimonials / customer reviews

There have been a lot of studies in this area and they all indicate the same thing, more than 75% of all users state they are influenced by customer reviews when making their purchase.

4. Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads.

If you are using Google Adwords to promote your product/service then your ad should take you to the relevant page, not the homepage!  A high quality landing page will improve your quality score and in turn your cost per click.

5. Ensure you offer related products

A great way to keep users on your website, if the first product they land on isn’t quite right then related products are a great way to keep your users engaged and browsing on your website.

6. Include stock number / stock availability

Your product page at a minimum should state if a product is in stock, however informing users of the actual amount in stock is a great way to guide them towards purchasing.

7. Offer various payment options

PayPal is great, however, not everyone likes it and it shouldn’t be the only method of payment on your website.  You should look at a number of payment options to cater for your customers.

8. Use high-quality images

People purchase with their eyes, and so poorly taken, blurry images will do you no favours at all, professionally taken photographs are a must if you want users to take your business seriously.

9. Offer live chat

Email?  Too slow!  Telephone?  Inconvenient!  Live chat is a great way to get the answers you want, when you want and also a great way for you as a business to upsell to your customer.

10. Offer a price-match guarantee

While a lot of users won’t even take you up on the offer, it does help communicate the confidence you have in your product and it’s value for money.

11. Make sure you include contact info

There are still a lot of websites who do not clearly present this information, users want to see contact information in case they need it further down the line.

12. Don’t force registration in order to purchase

A lot of websites still require you to create an account before purchasing, this can be a big friction point.  You should provide an express/guest checkout function so users can just purchase from you with minimum information provided.

As ever, if you have any quick wins you have implemented onto your website and saw positive results, don’t be scared to share them! 🙂