10 Awesome tips to create a Killer Landing Page that Converts

Written by neatly.io on 23rd April 2019

A Landing page is a static page which acts as a catalyst to mobilize leads for a buyer journey. They are a closer step of visitors becoming customers. It is a killer piece for any inbound content and will mostly target for the customer action. It can be as simple as subscribing to your email newsletter or just a simple random quiz. Regardless of what you offer, the landing page must be engaging and motivating the visitors for the desired action.

A survey conducted by the Wordstream, an online automated advertising company, found that an average landing page conversion happens at the rate of 2.35%. However, there are top management and IT companies that make conversion up to 25% which is at the rate of 5.31% typically. Hence we can conclude that on an average the conversion rates are 11.45% and higher if you have optimized them pretty well.

Usually, the conversion rate is evaluated based on the industry, and it depends upon various factions that influence the results. Here when we say conversion, you need to understand a primary difference between the traffic created by the visitors Vs. Lead generated on your page. They both are entirely different. Of course! You can create visitors using click through pages ads, but your conversion goal is not that.

It’s time that you showcase some colors and themes that draw attention on your business landing page. This may sound simple, but there are numerous efforts one has to imply on creating a landing page. The striking character animation, navigation, custom photography makes your landing page exclusive.

Go simple and achieve the leads right away! Here are the 10 Awesome Killer tips to create a landing page for making conversions.

1. Play right with Design

Visual content is an important key for optimizing the landing page. The design, colors, and pictures can make any landing page works. Your brain process images 60,000 times faster than text. The Emerald peer review article reveals that the color of the product determines around 62 to 90% of the customer interaction.

  • Keep High-quality, relevant images that have good focus and make it attention-grabbing
  • If you are a tech product especially make your user manual clean with a great choice like screenshots as a guide.
  • Make it visually understanding for the consumers. Do not make it complicated.
  • A good landing page design must have a brand color along with the relevant images. Which means use those pictures contrast for the brand colors.
  • Purchase high-quality image from Shutterstock or Pictures U if you don’t own any images for your brand.
  • Animations and character videos are a great way to engage new customers.

2. Create a compelling header:

Your Page header is an often choice for people to stay in the landing page.  Hence make your header clear for the audience and make sure they are not confused. Your headline must seek interest, understanding and also attention. A great landing page will have a short, simple headline with a clever attempt to tell your message.

  • The preferable limit for the compelling headline is not more than 20 words. However, 10-12 words are always ideal.
  • Have an objective for the header, and it should directly hit the audience
  • Do not use complicated words in your headers and also they should match the visuals that you have used in the page.
  • Provide subheadings to inform the audience on what you are offering them.

3. Compelling Copy

Always convey the values that you offer in more precisely and quickly. The best landing page has an immaculate and crisp language of what you sell. In digital marketing terms its called “Power Words” and that causes the reader an emotion or trigger for an action. You can always increase your audience by just selling your copy. A landing page is not a website hence the end goal must be to make conversions by just exchanging the information

  • Integrated the explanation part along with your headline. Do not create them separately as the content flow is the key for marketing
  • The copy must be functional, and they should be titled only in favor of the user.  Answering questions are the exciting part of your copy says Optinmonster guide on writing copies.
  • Do not create chunks; write from the shoes of consumers. At the end of the copy they must feel contented and satisfied with your product or service.

4. Use Emotional Triggers:


A high converting landing page will focus on two different emotions: Pain and Pleasure. Generally, these are the two sale points for any market; people reach out to your product or service either because they are facing any problem in real life or you have the solution for it Or your product make them feel special and bring joy.

  • Pain: Include challenges that everyone can relate and tell how your brand is solving them. Highlight the technique that you use to solve these problems. Make sure you are connected with the audience and do not create problems that never exist.
  • Pleasure: Explain how functionally they play a significant role in your emotional needs. Tell how it works at least on the surface that motivates the customer. Never sell the problem directly; instead sell the solutions, your principle and the psychological satisfaction that people are searching.

5. Testimonials


A beautiful landing page should have stories to share and tell. Because people always listen to stories. Despite age, gender or geographical variance, there is only one rule for marketing- People trust people; hence use the testimonial to cover your audience. When they see that people are already engaged in your brand, it becomes social proof. Use a few testimonials at the bottom of the page. Testimonials always help in increasing credibility.

  • Include only short and nonintrusive testimonial. Therefore people are not confused or don’t distract from the leads.
  • The testimonial must be genuine and reliable.  Ensure that contents are not flowy or add more adjective just for the sake of talking about the brand.

6. Optimize the Landing page:

Optimizing a landing page has a massive responsibility as there are many types of optimization available for the landing page. If you want an effective landing page, you need to make them responsive for the different gadgets. Many people quickly quit the page as they see it is not mobile friendly. Today 57% of the traffic for your landing pages is found to be from the mobile devices.

Make the responsive landing sites that have all the text and images at the visibility. Users hate to zoom the lines and increase the readability feature that suits all the devices.

The interactivity and clickability should be your goal of optimizing them. Compared to desktops mobile devices have slower loading capabilities hence optimize these interactive features for the best.

7. A/B Testing Page


A/B testing page is found to be one of the agile methods to find the elements which will be best suitable for the page. They determine which elements that convert the leads from the landing page are. You can call these to be an experiment with different copy, entirely different design, images, and color but with the same goals and objective. It is a useful recipe to generate conversions.

    • The copies have to be a comparative version of two single variables say for instance A and B
    • Make it optimizable with the element so that you can get the expected result for both these pages.
    • Use two different emotions on the respective page for you to find the best landing page.
    • Based on the effective conversion from any of these pages you can use them further for creating leads.

8. Symbolize Guarantee

Who does not love the guarantee?

Regardless of what you offer they have to be presented to the customers with the assurance or credibility. That improves the rate of conversion rapidly. All you need to think of is how you can position this guarantee on the landing page. You cannot go to an extreme where you call yourself “Word class” or “100% product usage”. Well! This will work only if your product has been already established. If you’re launching it for the first time you need to step back a little.

  • State the guaranteed method that best suit your brand. Instead of making them explicit you can call yourself “No spam” or “100% usage of the products”.
  • Include awards, shield bags, power bags to symbolize that you are a trusted personality.
  • Ensure that you place the guarantee with the blend of Call to Action. This may increase your potential customers. Never involve legalities as they may backfire on you.

9. Community over Marketing:

When you want more audience to look further for your product make sure that you are not forcing on compelling your product. The best landing page is that which earn the audience more than anything. Make it generic, and people should genuinely feel that there are similar interests of people who are looking for the same. Marketing has to be in a flow and not fiercely.

  • Create a community form for real buyers. Assure that there are people out there who are performing the same action as to them.
  • Communicate values by using words like “Join Us” instead of “Buy now.”
  • Even though you are starting a new landing page built an entrusted circle where people believe that your product is unique and it does make changes in lives.

10. Call to Action

This is the most crucial part of any high converting landing page. They stand as a tool between the visitor and the action required to be performed. It is also important that where you place them on your page. Some can even divert customer on the very first page, and it works. However, your action word must be compelling and persuasive.

  • People love surprises; use some exciting and explosive words rather than “submit” and “sign up.”
  • Use the button at an appropriate position with the contrasting color scheme. You can also use some graphics to grab attention.
  • Make it a destination action. Employ a simple technique for the action and do not make it any tactic. Let this be the final call to engage in your brand eventually.

Wrap Up:

The landing page is not chemistry or rocket science. They are pretty much easy to prepare.

However, you need to make a creative page that involves more than designing. Landing pages are not introduced just for people to say “Looks good,” but they must make the conversion. The guide mentioned above is just for your reference on some of the key points you have to stay focus. There is no perfect step-to-step guide on how you can frame them. This is because there are no one-size-fits-all instructions or a book as every landing page is different from one another. There are so many inspirations to engage your customers. Choose that “Right One” for you!

Craft your landing page now with more engaging visitors by implementing these ten awesome killer hacks. Moreover, if you would like to maximize you’re landing page conversions, this guide will surely interest you.


Author Bio:

Billy Lucas is a passionate blogger sharing business tips on behalf of EngageBay. He writes primarily on SEO, social media, CRM, marketing automation and covers the entire gamut of marketing.